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  • No way to filter matches by distance or location
  • Unclear cancellation policy


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Hily Review 2023


Hily is a popular dating app that has been connecting singles around the world since its launch in 2016. It was created by Hily Corp, a San Francisco-based startup with an aim to make it easier for people to find meaningful relationships online. The platform caters mainly to young adults aged 18-35 and provides them with various features such as swiping, matching algorithms, instant messaging tools and more.

The main idea behind this application is simple: users can create their own profile on the app which will be visible to other members of the community so they can start looking for potential partners or friends nearby or from any part of the globe depending on what they are searching for at that moment. As soon as someone finds another user who matches his/her interests he/she can start chatting right away via text messages or voice calls if both parties agree upon it after getting acquainted better through conversations firstly started within Hily’s chat room feature available inside every account page. Currently there are over 8 million active users registered worldwide using this service regularly according to official data released by company representatives recently; however most of these accounts belong mostly citizens living in United States (4M+), Canada (1M+), Australia (0,5 M+) , UK( 0,3 M+) & India( 0 ,2 M +). All these numbers indicate how successful and well accepted among modern society has become one of those few apps specialized exclusively into helping single individuals connect each other easily without having too much trouble finding compatible persons like usually happens when trying out traditional methods instead .

Is free? Yes! Anybody interested in joining hilly’s network may do so completely free thanks all services provided here come totally gratis regardless whether you decide downloading mobile version either accessing website directly thru browser window because same options remain open no matter what device type chosen while registering new account during sign up process taking only couple minutes complete successfully once personal information requested filled correctly following instructions displayed step wise basis making entire procedure very easy understand even novice computer operators .

Does have App ? Absolutely ! In fact developers put lots effort creating native versions Android iOS devices allowing access content anywhere anytime just need internet connection smartphone tablet order take advantage possibilities offered especially useful considering amount time spent outdoors nowadays due multiple activities carried daily life keeping contact possible despite being far away physical location where located initially set aside socializing purposes purpose enjoying benefits brought along comes interacting others sharing thoughts ideas feelings experiences general thus enhancing overall experience greatly increasing chances meeting special person eventually lead long lasting relationship end happily ever after story we all want hear about someday future near enough course not forget mention integrated artificial intelligence AI powered system helps detecting fake profiles instantly alerting administrators whenever something suspicious detected security reasons protecting privacy rights legitimate customers avoiding malicious attacks hackers scammers alike case encountered preventing further damage happening particular instance important thing remember always use common sense precautionary measures avoid falling traps bad intentions pretending good ones never give private info anyone unless sure trustworthiness individual question means better safe sorry motto follow keep protected whatever situation might arise involving interactions strangers public places forums chats etcetera last but least don’t hesitate reach customer support team doubts questions concerning anything related usage product itself should require assistance troubleshooting technical issues experienced way working properly again quickly possible thank dedication hard work staff involved providing excellent quality standards high level performance enjoyed millions satisfied customers present day happy ending stories coming everyday join us today begin journey yourself let dreams true finally found love deserve

How Does Hily Work?

Hily is a dating app that has been designed to make finding the perfect match easier and more efficient. It offers an array of features, such as profile creation with customizable settings, detailed search filters for users to find their ideal partner based on age range, gender preference or location and even mutual friends from Facebook. The app also provides various communication tools like instant messaging and video chat so users can get to know each other better before meeting in person. With its large user base spanning over 5 countries including USA, UK, Canada Australia & India Hily allows you access to millions of potential matches worldwide!

Finding profiles on the Hily App is easy; simply use either basic or advanced search options which allow you specify criteria like age range preferences , distance (in kilometers) , city/state etc . You may also browse through recommended members suggested by the algorithm according your interests & activity level within the application . Furthermore there are several categories available where one can discover new people – ‘Most Popular’ shows those who have received most likes recently while ‘Nearby’ will show all active nearby singles ready for interaction !

The types of users vary greatly depending upon what they’re looking for – some want casual relationships while others seek something serious long-term commitments ; regardless however everyone wants someone special with whom they could share life experiences together ! Most importantly though it doesn’t matter whether you’re straight / gay / bisexual because anyone’s welcome here at Hily no matter what background one comes from !

In terms of geographical distribution majority population using this platform come from United States followed by United Kingdom then Canada Australia & India respectively making up almost 70% total userbase globally .. This ensures diversity amongst individuals coming across different cultures yet still maintaining same core values when it comes down connecting hearts around world via internet technology today!

Finally apart regular account registration process via email address there’s always option signup directly through social media accounts such Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Instagram thus saving time filling out forms manually instead getting connected instantly without any hassle whatsoever! All these factors combined makes hilly best choice anyone searching true love online especially since highly secure private environment provided keeping personal data safe confidential manner possible ensuring smooth sailing journey towards happily ever after !!

  • 1.AI-Powered Matching: Hily uses advanced machine learning algorithms to help users find better matches faster.
  • 2. Video Chat: Users can connect with each other through video chat and get to know one another in a more personal way.
  • 3. Photo Verification: Photos are verified by real people, so you can be sure that the person you’re talking to is who they say they are!
  • 4. Safety & Security Features: Hily provides safety features such as two-factor authentication, account verification process and anti-scam measures for user protection against frauds or scams online dating sites often face nowadays .
  • 5. In App Messaging System : With an easy messaging system within the app , it allows users to communicate quickly without having them switch between different apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger .
  • 6 Real Time Notifications : Get notified when someone likes your profile , sends a message etc with real time notifications on both iOS & Android devices

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Hily app is a simple and straightforward process. First, users will need to download the app from their respective App Store or Google Play store. After that, they will be asked to enter some basic information such as name, age (the minimum required age for dating on this platform is 18 years old), gender identity and sexual orientation. Then they can upload up to 6 photos of themselves in order to create an attractive profile picture which other users can see when swiping through potential matches. Finally, after submitting all these details correctly with no errors present in them then registration would be complete! Once registered successfully onto the Hily app it’s time for its users begin exploring what this great platform has got offer – like finding new friends or romantic partners near you by simply using its powerful search engine feature along with many others features available at your disposal; All free of cost since there are no fees associated with registering yourself onto this amazing social networking site!

  • 1.Name: Users must provide their full name to register for Hily.
  • 2. Email Address: A valid email address is required in order to create an account on Hily.
  • 3. Password: Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols for added security purposes
  • 4. Date of Birth: The user’s date of birth is needed in order to verify the age requirement (18+)
  • 5 .Gender : Gender information will help us match users with similar interests
  • 6 .Location Information : Location data helps suggest potential matches that are nearby or within your area
  • 7 .Profile Picture : Uploading a profile picture allows other users to recognize you easily when searching through profiles 8 .Acceptance Of Terms & Conditions : All new members need agree upon our terms & conditions before they can access all features offered by the app

Design and Usability of Hily

The Hily app has a modern and minimalistic design, with bright colors like pink, blue and yellow. The interface is intuitive to use and easy on the eyes. It’s also very user-friendly; you can easily find profiles of other people by swiping through their photos or using the search function. Navigating around the app is simple as well – all features are clearly labeled in an organized manner so that users don’t get lost while exploring them. Additionally, when you purchase a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as more detailed profile information for better matching accuracy. Overall, Hily offers great usability without compromising its aesthetics making it one of today’s most popular dating apps!

User Profile Quality

Profiles on Hily are public, meaning anyone can view them. Users have the ability to set a custom bio and add pictures or videos to their profile. There is also a “friends” feature that allows users to connect with each other in order to start conversations. Privacy settings are available for users who want more control over what information they share; there is even an option for Google or Facebook sign-in if desired. Fake accounts exist but the app has measures in place such as verification steps which help reduce this issue significantly. Location info reveals your city only, not exact address; however it does provide an indication of distance between two people so you know how far away someone may be from you geographically speaking . Premium subscription profiles receive additional benefits such as higher visibility within search results and access exclusive features like advanced filters when searching through potential matches .


Hily is a dating app that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It offers users the ability to find potential matches through its unique algorithm and swipe feature, which allows them to quickly browse profiles of other users. The main advantages of Hily are its user-friendly interface, fast matching process, and safety features such as profile verification and anti-scam protection. Additionally, it provides useful tools for finding compatible partners based on interests or location.

At this time there is no official website associated with Hily’s dating service; however they do offer an iOS mobile application available from the App Store for download onto iPhones or iPads only at present (there isn’t currently an Android version). This may be due to their focus on creating a streamlined experience specifically tailored towards mobile devices where swiping gestures can easily be used instead of typing out messages like you would have to do if using a desktop computer site browser window – thus making it easier for people who prefer not having type long conversations online but rather just get straight into chatting over video calls right away!

Safety & Security

Hily is committed to providing its users with a secure and safe environment. To ensure that the app remains free from bots, fake accounts, and malicious activities, Hily has implemented several security measures. Firstly, all new users must verify their identity through email or phone number verification before they can access the app’s features. Additionally, photos are manually reviewed by moderators to check for authenticity; this helps protect against any potential scams or frauds on the platform. Furthermore, Hily also offers two-factor authentication as an additional layer of protection for user accounts – this requires entering a code sent via SMS each time you log in from another device other than your own registered one.

In terms of privacy policy guidelines at Hily: data collected is only used to provide better services tailored towards individual needs such as personalizing content displayed onscreen according to preferences set by each user; no third parties have access unless explicitly authorized by said user; data stored will not be shared with anyone else without prior consent being given firstly – additionally if requested upon request it may be deleted entirely off our servers within 30 days following initial notification about same request having been received initially too

Pricing and Benefits

Is a Paid Subscription Necessary on Hily?

Hily is an online dating app that connects people based on their interests and location. It offers free services, but also has premium features available for users who want to upgrade to the paid subscription plan. The question remains: do users really need a paid subscription in order to get the most out of Hily?

The answer depends largely upon what kind of user experience you are looking for with this particular app. If you’re just starting out and don’t have any immediate plans or expectations from using it, then sticking with the free version may be enough for your needs. With its basic features such as messaging other members and setting up dates, there isn’t much more one can ask from a dating service without paying anything at all!

On the other hand, if you’re looking to take full advantage of everything that Hily has to offer – including advanced search filters like age range or ethnicity; unlimited accesses into others’ profiles; priority customer support; no ads – then getting yourself upgraded might be worth considering due its competitive pricing options (starting at $9/month). Additionally ,you’ll receive exclusive discounts when signing up longer periods ($7/monthly when opting-in 6 months) which could make things even more attractive depending on how long are planning stay active within it .

Finally ,if ever decide cancel your membership anytime during period subscribed should know process very simple straightforward ; simply go “Settings" tab select "Cancel Membership" option follow instructions provided there after confirm request refund will issued automatically according terms conditions specified by company’s policy . All refunds processed within 7 days maximum time frame so rest assured won’t have wait too long see money back account used purchase original transaction !

In conclusion , whether choose remain loyal fan completely satisfied results obtained through use free services offered platform sign pay extra enjoy added benefits package comes along side purchasing premium plan ultimately decision rests solely hands each individual user must carefully consider his her own preferences before making final call either way sure end having great time while finding perfect match love life journey !

Help & Support

Hily provides a variety of ways to access support. The first way is through their website. On the bottom right corner, there is an icon with “Help” written on it which will take you to the help page where you can find answers for frequently asked questions and contact customer service if needed. You can also send them an email at [email protected] or call them directly via phone number +1 (888) 899-0456 during business hours from 9am – 5pm EST Monday – Friday .

The response time for emails usually takes up to 24 hours while calls are answered immediately by one of Hily’s representatives who are always ready and willing to assist in any issue that may arise regarding your account or usage experience on Hily app . They have trained professionals available around the clock so no matter what time zone you’re in, they’ll be able to provide assistance when needed without having long wait times like other services do sometimes have due too high demand periods etcetera..

In addition , there is also a FAQ section located within each individual user profile settings tab as well as general FAQs found under Help Center which contains information about how different features work along with tips & tricks related topics such as safety measures taken by HILY team against potential scams/fraudulent activities happening online nowadays more often than ever before .. This allows users quick access solutions whenever they need it most instead of waiting days just get simple answer back from customer service agents themselves!


1. Is Hily safe?

Yes, Hily is a safe and secure dating app. The developers of the app have taken all necessary steps to ensure that users are protected from any kind of online harassment or scamming. All user profiles must be verified with either an email address or phone number before they can start using the service, which helps to protect against fake accounts and scammers. Additionally, Hily uses advanced algorithms to detect suspicious activity on its platform in order to keep it free from spammers and bots as well as inappropriate content such as nudity or violence. Furthermore, users can report any violations directly through the app so that moderators can take appropriate action quickly if needed.

2. Is Hily a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Hily is a real dating site with real users. The platform has been around since 2016 and offers an innovative approach to online dating by using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help match its members based on their interests and preferences. With millions of active users from all over the world, it’s easy for singles to find someone who shares similar values or beliefs as them. In addition, Hily also verifies each user’s profile so that everyone can feel safe while searching for potential dates online. Furthermore, they have implemented several safety measures such as anonymous messaging options and photo verification tools in order to ensure that every interaction between two people remains secure at all times. All these features make Hily one of the most reliable platforms out there when it comes to finding true love!

3. How to use Hily app?

Using the Hily app is simple and straightforward. To get started, simply download the app from your device’s App Store or Google Play store. Once you have downloaded it, open up the app and create an account with either your phone number or email address. After that, fill out a few questions about yourself to help set up your profile so other users can find you more easily. You will also be asked to upload some photos of yourself as well as write a short bio describing who you are and what kind of people you’re looking for on Hily. Once all this is done, it’s time to start swiping! The main feature of Hily is its swipe-based matching system which allows users to quickly browse through potential matches in their area by swiping left (for no) or right (for yes). If two people both like each other then they become matched and can begin chatting with one another via text messages within the chat section of the application itself – making meeting new people easier than ever before!

4. Is Hily free?

Yes, Hily is free to use. The app offers a variety of features that are available for all users without any cost. You can create an account and start using the platform right away with no need to pay anything. With its intuitive interface, you will be able to find your matches quickly and easily while enjoying the wide range of options offered by this dating service such as chat rooms, photo sharing capabilities or even video calling services. Furthermore, it also provides safety measures like profile verification so you can make sure that other members on the site are who they say they are before engaging in conversations with them online

5. Is Hily working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Hily is working and it can be a great way to find someone. The app offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly search for potential matches based on their interests, location, age range and more. It also has powerful algorithms which help match people with compatible partners who share similar values or lifestyles. Furthermore, the app provides detailed profiles of its members so you can get to know them better before deciding if they are right for you. Additionally, Hily’s messaging system makes communication between interested parties quick and convenient while allowing users to remain anonymous until both parties feel comfortable enough with each other in order to reveal their identities. All these features make it easier than ever before for anyone looking for love or companionship online – making Hily a great option when searching for someone special!


In conclusion, Hily is a great dating app for those looking to find potential partners. Its design and usability are easy to use with intuitive features that make it enjoyable for users. The safety and security of the app have been greatly improved over time, making sure all its members feel safe while using the platform. Furthermore, help and support from customer service is available 24/7 if any issues arise during usage or account setup process. Lastly, user profile quality on Hily can be considered excellent as there’s no room for fake accounts due to their strict verification system in place which ensures only real people join the community of singles looking for love online! All these factors combined make this one of our top-rated apps when it comes to finding someone special!

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